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Tenugui "Pisuto Musume"


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Tenugui from graphic designer NAGA "Pisuto Musume". The tenugui are dyed using a hand-dyeing technique known as chusen, which is a typical method for dyeing yukata. It is an original product of KAPUKI ARTS that realizes a collaboration between Japanese traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down and contemporary artists. You can enjoy it as art by framing it in KAPUKI's original frame.

Tenugui: Length 90cm x Width 36cm
Tenugui picture frame (wooden frame): Length 90.5cm x Width 39.5cm x Thickness 1.5cm

Tokuoka (100% cotton)

【country of origin】

Due to traditional hand-dyeing (note dyeing), the color may transfer due to friction or sweat. The color may fade when washed, and if it is soaked in water for a long time, it may stain the white area. Rinse thoroughly.

We will deliver within 3 business days. If you would like a frame, It will be delivered about 1 month after the order date.