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Western Underwear "Sense and Mystery of Destructive Chaos Order"

by 切腹ピストルズ総隊長・飯田団紅 × KAPUKI

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In the puns of the seppuku pistols commander Danko Iida, I hear about the sense of ○○, the secret technique, and how to look up to it. I see. The times are always changing, and the present age is also in turmoil. Even when working on things, the sense and secrets of "destruction", "chaos" and "order" are questioned. "Destruction", "chaos" and "order" are a three-way street, and the world is made up of this balance. In which state are we now, and what are we aiming for next? What kind of wind should I create? Fans and fans can be used not only as a fan, but also as a statement!

[Size] S, M, L, XL

Height 66 70 74 78
Width 55 58 61 64
Shoulder width 52 55 58 61
Sleeve length 21 23 25 27

100% cotton

Handrail by silk screen

Each piece is hand-printed by silk screen, so it will be delivered in about a month from the date of order.